Flaking Out as a pilot project for teaching radio drama led to the following conclusions:

– that the teaching of radio drama is enhanced when linked to the industry, generating more interest from students as was indicated by the module being over-subscribed

– that students are more motivated to attend classes with industry staff, as was indicated by a higher percentage of the selected students attending classes than in other University modules

–  that students produce a higher standard of work when offered an outcome, in this case that one student’s radio play would be recorded and six student radio plays would be selected for a Turn Up The Talent showcase

– that there is an interest in writing for radio drama at the test case of the University of Salford, a University which previously did not teach radio drama due to a perceived lack of interest, when the subject is taught in the right way and has connections to industry

– that students feel radio drama is an accessible path for them when meeting the industry and realising these are normal people who they could work with and whose career paths they could emulate if they wanted to

With thanks to BBC Radio Drama North and the University of Salford for their support of this project

Here are the students views on the project: