Student testimonials

“This module has been a great opportunity to get a good look “behind the scenes” at the BBC. Getting the chance to get to know so many different people who work with the BBC has been great. The different workshops were a good opportunity to ask the experts any questions we might have about radio or the work at the BBC in general. Everyone who taught one of the BBC sessions has given us a good understanding what it’s like to work for the BBC in the radio department. I’m sure some of these tips will come in handy one day for people who want to pursue a career in writing for radio or television.”

“This semester I have particularly enjoyed the work-shopping aspects of this module, especially as I’m always unsure as to whether my characters and ideas are interesting and viable. It was always good to hear constructive criticism from other students and guest lecturers from the BBC and to hear the other students developing their ideas through everyone’s feedback. One particular exercise I found very useful was when I was prompted to think about how my character would answer certain questions and in doing this I became aware that certain things that you wouldn’t normally think were relevant to a character (for example: how many pets they have) help to shape them into a person. This exercise helped me develop my own characters and their personalities so I could think of them less in terms of their literary function and more as if they were actual people. I also found it interesting to hear the more technical aspects related to the production of radio plays towards the end of the module; this in particular made me appreciate how much work goes into radio and how much thought I needed to put into my own writing.”

“ In this module I thoroughly enjoyed working with the BBC. It has given me a huge opportunity and it has made me realise what I would like to pursue when I’m older. I never thought I would enjoy writing plays but this module has made me realise this is what I’d like to do. I’d like thank the BBC for giving me this opportunity and taking the time to help us with our radio plays and I’d love to continue writing my own plays.”

“I developed my play over Christmas day by day, and when another idea would come into my head I would then develop this further and try and see where it would fit into my radio play. It did take me a while to figure out sounds but I would listen during the day to see what was appropriate to put in. I also looked over my notes from my lectures to also see what I could put into my play. I’m hoping I could chose a module like this again in my final year and pursue this further.”

“This has been my favourite module at University so far, it was great to get the opportunity, especially it being capped to a certain amount of people, to see Media City and have talks with experienced people. I was sceptical at first as I had never done anything like this previously, however I found that it is something that I would definitely consider going into. It was great to get a decent mark for my 500 word radio play idea, as it gave me confidence to pursue a text that was unlike anything I had written. I found the lectures with the people involved with making radio plays very interesting; I recall thinking that it could be any one of us in this room up there teaching one day. The importance of each person we met was overwhelming and I felt privileged being a part of it. Their passion for entertaining was admirable and I would like to think that following this course I could think of new and imaginative ways of engaging audiences the way they have.”

“This was my favourite module last semester; when I heard about this module ‘Writing for Performance’ two weeks into the semester which included writing a radio play for BBC at the end of the module, I just knew I had to take up this module by swapping another module for it. Two weeks late into the module and it didn’t even feel like I have missed much like I assumed, the lectures were very interactive, it took me no time to find out everything about the module. I enjoyed both the BBC classes and the lectures because they both were equally useful. The lectures aided me to understand the BBC classes more because sometimes they can be quite technical but were very helpful. When it came to time for picking an idea and developing into a radio play, I had quite a few ideas but when it came down to the 3 different ideas I had to write about it was a bit difficult in singling one out but eventually after I did the next steps were applying what I was taught in class to my radio play and up to this moment that I have just finishing writing my play I tried using the techniques and steps I had been taught in class and I am very happy with my play and the module. I would recommend this module to anybody interested in writing creatively because there are a lot of things to be  experimented with by writers through what has been said in class which is a very important thing for a writer to do.”

“I have loved the opportunity to work with members of the BBC whilst learning how to develop my abilities within Radio. I now have a greater respect and understanding of just how much time and effort goes into the production of a radio play, and more specifically the ten minute play I have been writing and working on. I have learned the mechanics of script writing, at least to a basic standard, and feel confident in my ability to produce a script of my own, as required for this module. I believe my script to be one of a respectable standard, having followed the guidelines set out by the lecturer and members of the BBC who have been educating me in this matter. My education in the matter of structure, layout and development of ideas and concepts has been thorough and highly useful, thus allowing me to confidently produce my own work. “

“The Writing for Performance module that I have just undertaken I have found thoroughly enjoyable. In our first session, when I found out we were going to be writing for radio, I was a little bit apprehensive, I must admit. However, any doubts I had about being able to produce a ten minute radio play were soon quashed when I learnt that we had a good timescale to produce our plays, and that we would be having guidance sessions with the BBC Audio Drama department. Our sessions with the BBC, I found, were really informative and they gave a great insight not only into the audio drama industry, but also the writers industry. Finding out what makes a big company like the BBC tick when it comes to submitting our own work was, I felt for us as students wanting to break into this sort of industry, an invaluable lesson that will hopefully see us in good stead in the future. “

“I found this Writing for Performance module very enjoyable and interesting to do. I have really liked learning about how to write a play for the radio, and finding out the differences between scripts for the stage and scripts for the radio. I love how in radio plays there are no limitations in regards to where the play can be set, as it is solely based on the sounds and noises used within the play and the readers imagination. I think that the opportunity we had on this course to work with the BBC on our radio plays was such a special experience to be part of, and it really taught me a lot. The advice from people that actually work for the BBC was so incredibly useful and it was really great listening to what they had to say and ways in which we can improve our own work. During these sessions I learnt all the different techniques used within radio plays, and how to capture the listeners attention very early on in order to get them to listen on. I also learnt that characterization is very important. This has been a really intriguing and interesting module that I would be more than happy to repeat.”

“I am very happy that I could take up Writing for Performance. I found it very interesting and developing. Although in Salford, as a Erasmus student I am studying Political science, but in my country in Poland I am studying also journalism, so for me it is really great experience and pleasure I had opportunity to learn from such a great people. Also I see how much you are involved Jenifer, and you want the best for your students,  and this is beautiful. Keep on going and I wish you all the best. This kind of classes motivate students to work and improving their skills, because it is impossible to be bored! Thank you”